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* Isostatic High Density Graphite

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We are also procuring a line of raw material from Nippon Techno-Carbon, Japan which is of High Density and generally referred to as Isostatic Graphite.

The application for this grade is specific to industries and applications like:

(1) Diamond Tool Pressure Sintering
(2) Die Moulds
(3) Continuous Casting Dies for Aluminium, Copper and Brass
(4) Degassing Rods
(5) Crucibles and Sealing Rod
(6) Semi Conductor applications
(7) Solar Technology applications
(8) EDM Applications

(1) Diamond Tool Pressure Sintering:

We manufacture fully machined Graphite Plates (straight, taper – one side & both sides, curvature), Moulds, Rings and Pins for Wire Saw Dies, Electrodes, etc. All these items are machined as per the customer’s drawings and within tight tolerances. 

Recommended Grades: Fine Grained,  IGS-743 & IGS-844

(2) Die Moulds

Various Moulds and Dies for casting and extrusion are available with high strength and long life. Patterns can be created as per the customers drawing.

Recommended Grades: Fine Grained,  IGS-743

(3) Continuous Casting Dies for Aluminium, Copper and Brass

We manufacture fully machined Die Sets for Strip Casting as well as Dies for casting and drawing of Wires, Rods and Pipes. 

Recommended Grade: Fine Grained, IGS-743 & IGS-744

(4) Crucibles and Sealing Rod

We offer Isotropic Graphite Crucibles and Stirring Rods, machined as per your drawing, which are suitable for melting of precious metals like Gold, Silver, Vanadium etc.

(5) Glass Manufacturing

We offer various graphite and carbon products which are used in the Glass Container manufacturing process including Stacker Bar, Sweep Out Arm, Dead Plate etc.

Recommended Grades: Fine Grained,  IGS-743 & IGS-844

Isostatic High Density Graphite Grades available are as below:

Isostatic Graphite Grade – NTC, Japan
Parameters IGS-743 IGS-844 IGS-744
Bulk Density (gm/cm-3) – min 1.8 1.85 1.86
Specific Resistivity (µ Ω-m) 12 17 11
Shore Hardness 60 78 64
Porosity (%) 14 11 8
Tensile Strength (MPa) 35 42 38
Bending Strength (Mpa) 54 64 59
Compressive Strength (MPa) 103 149 108
Coeff. of Thermal Exp (x10-6/K) 4.8 5.4 4.8
Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K) 128 80 140

Please Note:
We are the sole importer of these grades of Isostatic Graphite.
NTC, Japan is currently supplying Isostatic Graphite Grades ONLY to TRITON GRAPHITE - GIDC SARIGAM.

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Oct 23, 2012, 3:00 AM