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* Graphite Granules & Graphite Powder

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Manufacturer of Synthetic Graphite Granules and Graphite Powder:                                           

We are one of the largest manufacturers of Graphite Granules and Graphite Powder in India. Different sizes and grades of Industrial Graphite Powder are available. Our Graphite Granules and Graphite Powder are manufactured from Unspent Synthetic Graphite Electrodes. This gives it excellent carborizing ability with recovery of nearly 98-99%. 

This Graphite Granules and Graphite Powder is particularly useful as a Carboriser in the SG Iron / Ductile Casting manufacturing process - since it provides extremely low Sulphur content, in the range of 0.03% - 0.05%. 

 Product  Fixed Carbon  Sulphur Volatile Matter  Sizes Avaialable 
 Graphite Chips  98 - 99.5% min  0.03-0.05% max 0.5% max  6 to 12 mm 
12 to 19 mm
 Graphite Granules 98 - 99.5% min   0.03-0.05% max  0.5% max  0.5 to 6 mm
0.5 to 3 mm 
 Graphite Powder 98 - 99.5% min  0.03-0.05% max  0.5% max    - 0.5 mm
 Graphite Powder 
98 - 99.5% min  0.03-0.05% max   0.5% max     - 22 to + 80 mesh
   Graphite Powder Fine
  98 - 99.5% min    0.03-0.05% max     0.5% max    - 60 mesh to Infinity
     Graphite Powder Ultrafine
   98 - 99.5% min   0.03-0.05% max    0.5% max - 200 mesh to Infinity
- 325 mesh to Infinity

We can manufacture Graphite Powder to the specifications desired, including Graphite Powder 50mesh, Graphite Powder 200mesh & Graphite Powder -300 mesh.

Though Synthetic Graphite or Artificial Graphite doesn't represent the characteristics of Lubricity that are exhibited by Natural Graphite, the High Carbon, Low Impurities make it ideal for various applications in Foundries, Refractories, Lubrication. 


Graphite Powder -22 mesh/ -30 mesh


     GRAPHITE CHIP - 6 MM TO 12 MM           GRAPHITE GRANULES - 0.5MM TO 5MM                   GRAPHITE POWDER -22 MESH

                      Graphite Powder -200 mesh                                                                         Graphite Powder -300mesh

                          GRAPHITE POWDER -200 MESH                                                                                        GRAPHITE POWDER -300 MESH


We manufacture Graphite Granules for Foundry Carbon Pickup or Recarborization as well as for Inoculation.

Advantages over Coconut Shell Charcoal:
  • High Carbon pick up to 95% as compared to 60-70% of Coconut Shell Charcoal
  • Controlled Low Sulphur level - ideal for production of S.G. Iron Castings
  • Consistent Sizing achieved which provides Controlled Environment
  • Dissolve at lower Temperatures & low moisture Saves Energy & Time as compared to Coconut Shell Charcoal
  • Excellent Productivity & Time Saving due to the reliable  and consistent carbon pick-up 

Suggestion for Addition Practice:
  • Add Graphite Granules at Bottom of Furnace along with Scrap or Pig Iron for initial carbon addition.
  • Our Graphite Granule size is above 0.5 mm hence gives better carbon pick-up and based on furnace capacity, add at final stage for carbon adjustment.

The GRAPHITE POWDER MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet for Synthetic Graphite Powder as supplies by us at Titanic is as attached below. This represents the Safety and Handling procedure for Artificial or Synthetic Graphite Powder.

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