* Mechanical Industry & Ferrous Foundries

Mechanical Industry:
  • Bearings for Plywood Dryers
  • Graphite Plates, Rods etc for Annealing Applications
  • Bushes, Rings and Seals for various Applications
  • Rings and Seals for Steam Joints in Paper-Machines
  • Turbine Rings for Hydro-Power Stations 
  • Rings and Vanes for Compressors
  • Semi finished Materials for Mechanical Applications 

Ferrous Industries:
  • Graphite Rods for Cores
  • Graphite Crucibles and Graphite Stopper Rods
  • Graphite Bars, Plates, Rods for Annealing Applications
  • Baked Electrode Scrap as Fuel for Low Smoke Cupola Furnaces
  • Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) - Fixed Carbon 98%min , Sulphur 1% max
  • Graphite Granule Carburizer - Fixed Carbon 98.5% min, Sulphur 0.05% max