* Glass Apparatus, Tubes and Glass Beads

In the glass industry, Specialty Graphite materials are used to meet the various challenges of glass melting and molding, and of transporting hot glass
Both the technical and economic advantages of these materials are important here. 

  • Graphite Molds for Dry Blowing Process
  • Graphite Molds for Wet Blowing Process
  • Graphite Components for Float Glass Process
  • Graphite Rolls for Glass-fiber Production
  • Graphite Rods and Tubes for Quartz Production 
  • Graphite Insert for Take-Out System
Application of graphite and graphite products in the process of manufacture of industrial and utility glass has many advantages. All our graphite products have high thermal resistance, durability and non-absorbent features.

These assure quality and operability of the graphite components in difficult work conditions without the risk of damage to the glass semi-finished product.

Glass molds for Dry Blowing:

Products such as Molded and Isostatic Graphite are used for dry blowing and the production of molds for laboratory glass. Both products are not only
and easy to process but also allow the mold surface to be polished to a high quality.

Glass molds for Wet Blowing:

Molds made of Graphite are used for both mouth blowing and the automated manufacture of glass bodies. These materials are characterized in particular by:
  • High and uniform porosity
  • Good oxidation resistance
  • High dimensional stability in large-scale production
  • Long service life.

Graphite Grade Uses:

Our Graphite Grades can be 
used for the manufacture of:
  • Laboratory glass
  • Technical glass
  • Quartz glass
  • Float glass
  •  Hollow glass.

Graphite Products Used for Glass Manufacturing:
  • Graphite Plates
  • Graphite Paddles
  • Graphite Molds
  • Graphite Tools
  • Graphite Marvers
  • Graphite Shapers & Reamers
  • Graphite Rods (300 mm Lengths)
  • Graphite Grippers, Scoops & Scrapper Blades
  • Graphite Brackets
  • Graphite Lubrication Cylinders
  • Graphite Conveyor
  • Graphite Sheave