* Diamond and Tungsten Carbide Tool Manufacturers

Graphite Moulds are used in manufacture of Diamond Tools and Tungsten Carbide Tools. Hot pressure sintering involves heating of diamond segments under very high pressure with help of graphite mould.  Our range of of graphite grades combine properties like Hardness, Resistivity and Flexural strength for this application. We offer complete machined molds made to customer specifications.

Graphite Grades being offered for Pressure Sintering:
The term pressure sintering is used for various processes in the manufacture of hard metals, ceramic and diamond tools. In these processes graphite has a key position and is available with a combination of properties specially designed for use in a variety of conditions . graphite can be offered having specially high mechanical strength, electrical resistance, isotropic properties or resistance to oxidation.

The range of graphite grades for pressure sintering permits the selection of the one most suited to a particular duty.
  • High Density Extruded Graphite (1.75 to 1.80 gm/cc)
  • High Density Molded Graphite (1.80 gm/cc min)
  • Isostatic Graphite IGS-743 (1.80 gm/cc min)
  • Isostatic Graphite IGS-844 (1.85 gm/cc min)

Sizes Available:
  • Graphite Moulds - Round from Dia 20 mm to Dia 200 mm
  • Graphite Plates - 10 x 10 x 10mm to 250 x 510 x 1020 mm
  • Graphite Rods - Dia 20 to Dia 200 x Length 300 mm
  • Any Graphite Machined Component/Shape