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Titanic Alloys
, in its twenty fourth year, is a manufacturer of Graphite products and components for various industries and applications. 

Pioneered by Mr. Mahendra Dodhia, the company has evolved itself into a leading Speciality Synthetic Graphite component manufacturer in India  with Quality Products, Technical Superiority, Honesty & a passion to Succeed

Our relation with our customers over the years, has helped build our goodwill and reputation.

The Group - established in 1977, has now expanded its operations with a third unit (largest of the three) being set-up at GIDC Sarigam near Vapi, Gujarat under the name of Triton Graphite. Under the leadership of Mr. Varun Dodhia, this company would take Titanic's experience to an entire new level. 

While Titanic (Mumbai, India) is our manufacturing BU, our trading activities are under Cosmic Engineering (Mumbai, India). 

Graphite Products:

                                        Graphite Block, Plate, Rod, Round, Rollers, Crucibles, Dies, Molds etc along with Graphite Powder & Granules.      


                                       Al & Brass Extrusion, Foundries, Glass, Continuous Casting, Lubrication, Jewellery, Diamond Tools                                

Graphite Grades:

                                        Electrode, Commercial, Fine as well as Isostatic Graphite i.e. High Density Graphite.                                                                 

We can be reached at:

    Tel: +91-22-26602200     Fax: +91-22-26609121

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Titanic - Click to Call Graphite


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